Boom Boom: saturated in hyper colour and visually arresting, combines the sybaritic and unrestrained artistry of Gerwyn Davies, Samuel Hodge and Kate Rohde, brought together for the first time at Michael Reid Art Bar, these are not artists with whom ‘sensible predictions’ are readily associated. They are protean, and insist on experimentation.

Gerwyn Davies dons wild regalia and shoots himself in poses both informal and classic. His photographs exude a kind of irreverent suburban, Australian theatricality. They are surrogates for Gerwyn’s broader questioning of identity and queer in/visibility.

Samuel Hodge gathers photos and other material into sprawling installations. It’s as though Google Image Search has been reimagined as an esoteric basement project. The work Hodge has installed at Michael Reid Art Bar is utterly compelling. His standalone pieces, a set of colour-dyed, archival prints, are woozy and kaleidoscopic.

Kate Rohde is an exemplary sculptor and jeweller, very much at the Australian forefront of her mediums. Her polyurethane resin vases preside over the gallery like massive free-form candelabras or inverted stalactites.

Boom Boom at Michael Reid Art Bar cements the modus operandi of our youngest gallery, which is to completely rewire the traditional viewing experience.

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