Luke Shadbolt

The Terminator Line

Presented by Michael Reid Art Bar
July 29 - August 21

Continuing his exploration of balance and duality, the images that make up The Terminator Line begin an investigation focusing on the interplay between light and movement. A time of impermanent contemplation, pure elemental immersion.

The Terminator Line refers to a constantly moving line that divides a planetary body from light to darkness. Shadbolt draws on lofty inspirations of Turner and the Impressionists in his attempt to convey the sublime and ephemeral in the everyday.

Exploring the theme of time, Shadbolt exhibits for the first time recent works on copper. Enjoying the endless variables in materiality that copper provides, his intricate line work draws on his experience in graphic design as an extension of his photographic practice.

Also included in The Terminator Line is Shadbolt’s 2020 moving image work, It Seems To Come In Waves. Playing with time scale and drawing on a lifetime of simply watching the ocean, the immersive three channel work illustrates large crashing waves, intimate light fluctuations and tessellating patterns that seem to interact with each other in repetitious mimicry.

“The true life takes place when we’re alone, thinking, feeling, lost in memory, dreamingly self-aware, the submicroscopic moments.”

  • Point Omega, Don Delilo.

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